Transform the current automotive independent aftermarket economy using AI enabled processes from Diagnostic to Discovery to Delivery to Service

Autokartz is a crew of inspired professionals envisaging the dream of transforming the way we Indians do spare parts circulation. We are well known for our focus on customer service and which is why we have become one of the most trusted names in the industry. We maintain very healthy tie-ups with India's top manufacturers as well as best performing international auto product manufacturers.

Our Mission —

"To make an Eco system wherein various stakeholders of post car ownership market viz. customer, garage owner, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer are able to draw maximum value proposition by using our online platform & services for Parts discovery, Diagnosis, Service aggregation, Industry know how & Inventory Listing."

India is the worlds 3rd boggest auto market in the world with over 3 million+ cars sold every year. Yet not even a single billion dollar company exists in the Indian auto spares eco system.

Auto industry contribution to excise revenue 18%.

Fiat 1:3L Multijet engine powers 13 models in India.

Maruti sells 2 cars per minute.

Auto industry employs 19.5 million people directly or indirectly.

Auto industry contributes 25% to manufacturing GDP.

AUTOKARTZ INTERNET Pvt. Ltd. is dominant across all sectors of the Indian Automotive Ecosystem.

AUTOKARTZ INTERNET Pvt. Ltd. is trying to integrate all stakeholders of the Indian automotive economy from vehicle manufacturers, distributors sellers, parts manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, garages and machines.

" To spearhead into the next era of economic evolution. India will have to rethink its entire automotive infrastructureLuckily we are here to help! "

— Sagar Paliwal, CEO

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