B2C Ecommerce

Aiming to be the biggest automotive ecosystem in India.

Online Consulting & Diagnose

We have a team of dedicated auto experts to help you troubleshoot all your car related queries.


Parts Cataloging

India's only platform catering to all categories of spare parts from OEM, OES, aftermarket, imported, performance and refurbished.


B2B Ecommerce

India's Only platform integrating everyone in the automotive ecosystem from part manufacturers, parts distributors, wholesalers, retailer and garages.

Garage Digitization

We are trying to tech-enabled India's garage economy. AUTOKARTZ INTERNET Pvt. Ltd. has developed a tool which enables garages to not only diagnose better services.


Supply Chain Management

AUTOKARTZ INTERNET Pvt. Ltd. is working on a process to help better manage spare parts across the country.